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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec19/02 Updated home page to remove SAGE vote blurb.
Dec06/02 Updated home page to have SAGE vote blurb.
Dec01/02 Linked in November 2002 statistics and updated home page.
Nov30/02 Updated home phone number.
Nov24/02 Updated personal statistics page (new home city).
Nov20/02 Updated address and phone information.
Nov13/02 Updated personal statistics.
Nov01/02 Linked in October 2002 statistics.
Oct09/02 Linked in and updated USENIX 2002 conference writeups published in ;login:.
Oct01/02 Linked in Spetember 2002 statistics.
Sep28/02 Added link to Live Journal to Friends page.
Sep15/02 Added cell phone number to base page.
Sep09/02 Removed proposed 2003 activities.
Sep01/02 Linked in August 2002 statistics.
Aug31/02 Added new job phone numbers. Updated personal statistics page. Corrected typo on entrée recipe pages.
Aug20/02 Linked in new job pages in work section. Removed online resume.
Aug13/02 Updated home page with new job information.
Aug01/02 Linked in July 2002 statistics.
Jul25/02 Added links to SAGEweb.
Jul21/02 Added lemon-dijon chicken recipe to entreés page.
Jul12/02 Added Dale Chatham's recipes to other food sites' page.
Jul10/02 Corrected typos and bad links, resume. Corrected icon error, Well Care work page.
Jul01/02 Linked in June 2002 statistics.
Jun26/02 Updated links within USENIX 2002 trip report.
Jun21/02 Linked in USENIX 2002 trip report.
Jun01/02 Linked in May 2002 statistics. Updated work organizations' page.
May15/02 Corrected paragraph order on Copyrights page.
May10/02 Added Lois Bennett to Friends page.
May06/02 Added terms CLEC and ILEC to glossary.
May05/02 Added city/state address to home page.
May01/02 Linked in April 2002 statistics.
Apr26/02 Added in recipes for Chocolate Pecan Pie, Crab Casserole, Crab Quiche, Lemon Cake, Macaroni and Cheese Deluxe, Spiced Carmelized Pear Cake, Stuffed Yams, and Taste of Texas Shrimp and Pasta Salad.
Apr25/02 Updated home page colors and text.
Apr24/02 Removed no-longer-valid URLs for ABN AMRO-related web sites; all have since been revised to new designs or formats. Ran a site-wide repair to fix all unquoted html options (such as VALIGN="TOP" or width="20"); 971 files were affected. Updated date stamps as appropriate.
Apr23/02 Ran linklint 2.3.5; removed unused named links and defunct telnet: links. Added soc.motss news: links to motss.con pages. Cleaned up additional deformed links. Removed unnecessary index.html suffixes from URLs. Ran weblint 1.020; corrected bad elements in public site. Added missing paragraph tags. Corrected damaged closing tags (missing /). Updated date stamps on all 400 affected pages.
Apr22/02 Linked in a LISA 2002 conference administration page.
Apr21/02 Removed MRTG statistics link from personal statistics page (MRTG host is down for repair).
Apr19/02 Updated home page.
Apr18/02 Removed weekly status reports (insufficient interest and possible confidentiality breaches). Added Bill Cattey to Friends page.
Apr10/02 Added money pitch to home page. Updated disclaimer on copyright page.
Apr07/02 Updated copyright page to use fun disclaimer and to omit the DL list.
Apr04/02 Added speed details and cross-indexed network speed details.
Apr01/02 Linked in March 2002 statistics and status report. Added Point of Presence (POP) to glossary.
Mar19/02 Added Robert Igoe to Friends page.
Mar19/02 Ran linklint 2.3.5 on the web tree. Corrected all major and most minor warnings and errors: 5 warnings, 6 missing subdirectories, 1 missing cgi file, 30 missing html files, 29 missing other files, 31 URLs moved permanently (code 301), 72 URLs moved temporarily (code 302), 8 URLs inaccessible (code 403), 42 URLs not found (code 404), and 47 URLs timed out during connection, data transfer, or name lookup. Corrected all incorrect named anchor references. Corrected the header and footer URL cross-references. Corrected typos in URLs. Removed bogus CGI program references. Removed bogus image map references. Removed old work-specific URLs. Removed or commented out invalid URLs. Updated all indirect URLs. Total updated files: 284.
Mar07/02 Updated Chicago free days information.
Mar06/02 Updated SAGE Executive responsibilities.
Mar04/02 Removed Updated tags from recipe site.
Mar02/02 Added status report links to Convex and Collective work pages. Added surnames to Quiz Show contestants in LISA 2001 writeups.
Mar01/02 Linked in February 2002 statistics. Updated status reports page for easier finding of job-specific reports.
Feb20/02 Corrected typo, articles page.
Feb19/02 Added bibliographic notes for writeups published in the February 2002 issue of ;login:.
Feb01/02 Linked in January 2002 statistics.
Jan29/02 Added Jazz Showcase to Clubs page.
Jan26/02 Added to other education links page.
Jan21/02 Updated UNIX Rosetta Stone URL on References page.
Jan19/02 Linked in pictures from LISA 2001 to trip report.
Jan16/02 Added SAGE Executive Committee to home page.
Jan14/02 Revised recipe pages: sorted into categories, updated and corrected all cross-links, headers, and footers. Updated change log pages; moved into subdirectory, updated all cross-links, headers, and footers. Added in appointment to the SAGE Executive Committee.
Jan11/02 Added SNMP (MRTG) link to and updated Personal statistics page. Added Chicago Tunnel Company Railroad link to Chicago public transportation page.
Jan01/02 Rolled over change log. Updated copyrights page. Linked in December 2001 statistics and 2001 year-in-review statistics. Added cross-links for headers and footers in annual change log pages.
Changes made before Jan01/02 have been removed from this table, but are available for historical reasons.

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