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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec28/98 Updated wwwstat script to better automate processing.
Dec25/98 Added index.html files to all directories missing them. Corrected outstanding weblint errors.
Dec24/98 Updated professional organizations page.
Dec23/98 Featured Wide Receiver as the movie pick.
Dec21/98 Moved work-related sites page into work directory. Added information about the Itd Diversity Session on Sexual Orientation to UM Work page.
Dec19/98 Reformatted underlying html of network glossary. Ran weblint on entire web tree; corrected all major errors and warnings. Ran BigBrother on entire web tree; corrected or deleted all relevant links. Added links to friends' pages.
Dec18/98 Added additional terms to glossary (including A record, authoritative, authority, big six, CNAME record, DNS record types, domain, glue record, HINFO record, label, lookup, MX record, negative caching, NS record, primary, PTR record, record types, register, resolver, reverse lookup, RP record, secondary, TLD, TTL, TXT record, WKS record, and zone). Updated several terms (including BIND and DNS). Revamped entire glossary to better use internal hypertext links and have better separation between terms on a page. Prepared statistics page for 1999.
Dec03/98 Added additional stories from erotica archives.
Dec01/98 Added November statistics.
Nov30/98 Added additional erotica movie sites to appropriate page.
Nov29/98 Added additional stories to erotica section; separated Other Erotica page into subpages. Added link for network management to resources page.
Nov28/98 Removed and corrected more obsolete and changed links.
Nov27/98 Removed obsolete schedule page. Removed and corrected obsolete and changed links.
Nov24/98 Added duck confit recipe.
Nov23/98 Updated music page. Added fax number for client to home page.
Nov17/98 Added several new recipe sites to recipe page. Added additional terms to glossary (including ATA, BDC, DOS, FAT, IDE, MS-DOS, NTFS, PDC, SCSI, and WINS). Cleaned up existing terms (fixed alphabeticization in the D's and M's).
Nov11/98 Added several new recipe sites to recipe page. Added additional terms to glossary (including BIND, CDE, GID, LDAP, NDMP, OS, PID, slave, UID, VRML, and XNS). Cleaned up existing terms (fixed alphabeticization in the A's, D's, and S's; CCITT/ITU change; and integrating the 2 policy definitions).
Nov10/98 Updated part number information, CONVEX/CXSOFT documentation.
Nov09/98 Added motss.con.v summary from 1992. Added change log for date problem off of MTS anecdotes page.
Nov07/98 Added additional archived stories to web pages.
Nov06/98 Updated Convex documentation information.
Nov05/98 Added more TV stations and Newspapers to the respective Chicago local pages. Added additional information links to the Chicago section. Updated work schedule; added special events and expanded to provide more information. Overhauled entire Chicago section.
Nov03/98 Added pager information to home page.
Nov02/98 Added company fax number to home page.
Nov01/98 Added October statistics. Removed obsolete web sites from friends page. Updaed work information page. Added regular schedule to work section. Rearranged contact information on the home page.
Oct31/98 Added links to erotica section.
Oct28/98 Separated MTS information into its own subsection; added copy from links provided by U-M Itd. Updated references page with link to MTS section.
Oct26/98 Added additional vendors to the retail section of the gay resources and stories-by-others pages. Separated out Star Trek stories from other archives' stories.
Oct25/98 Updated copyrights page. Updated Collective Technologies work page. Updated index page. Updated statistics page. Separated Chicago links page into multiple pages by section. Updated several links. Updated work page. Updated recipes page.
Oct23/98 Added link to general cooking site.
Oct21/98 Added link to SOAR recipe site.
Oct20/98 Added glossary definition for Internet Advisory Board (IAB).
Oct19/98 Added link to SysAdmin Price Sheet.
Oct18/98 Added glossary definitions for customer premise equipment (CPE); Digital Cross-connect System (DCS); Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA); multiplex (mux) and demultiplex (demux); Network Access Point (NAP); Network-to-Network Interface (NNI); OC1, OC3, OC12, OC24, OC48, OC192 standards; and Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM). Added OutChicago link to gay resources page. Updated Bear Pride link to 1999 as their site has changed over. Added recipes for blender mousse and peanut butter rolls.
Oct16/98 Updated glossary definitions of RAID.
Oct13/98 Updated house pictures.
Oct05/98 Added in client contact information; updated client work page.
Oct04/98 Corrected typos; cleaned up bad html tags. Added document numbers to ABN AMRO books.
Oct03/98 Added in recipes for applesauce cake, black bean soup, garlic shrimp, granola, pork in beer sauce, potato latkes, salmon steaks, teriyaki, and twice-baked potatoes. Updated music page.
Oct01/98 Linked in September statistics. Added page on the history of U-M GLB conferences.
Sep30/98 Cleaned up all obsolete and incorrect references. Updated gay resources page. Updated Convex work page. Updated local links page. Updated Collective Technologies work page, adding client Motorola information.
Sep29/98 Updated gay resources page. Updated townhouse page. Updated UM conferencing page. Updated Convex, SBC, and Paranet work pages.
Sep28/98 Updated work page, professional organizations page, U-M work page, Convex work page, SBC work page, Paranet work page, and search section. Corrected bad (incorrect) mailto: links.
Sep25/98 Updated work page, U-M work page, U-M calls page, CONVEX work page, and professional organizations page. Added Convex calls page. Added MTS section.
Sep24/98 Updated home page (added pager reference). Updated statistics page (prepared for end of year).
Sep23/98 Updated home page. Updated CT work page.
Sep21/98 Updated copyrights page. Updated professional organizations page. Updated and expanded various of the work-related pages to provide a partial bibliography of those books, forms, and courses I created.
Sep19/98 Completely reworked the fun information section; prepared to move play.html from the base directory. Updated internal links for all affected pages (all recipes, all gay & erotica, etc.).
Sep18/98 Added additional people to Friends page. Completely reworked the work information section; prepared to move {bank,call}.html from the base directory. Updated home page to reflect new job. Created temporary motd to warn of URL changes.
Sep17/98 Deleted dead links.
Sep12/98 Removed or corrected all damaged or broken links. Cleaned up Chicago local section and investment banking information.
Sep10/98 Updated work page links. Updated article on Chicago dining. Updated textual description of the new townhouse.
Sep02/98 Updated pornographic links.
Sep01/98 Linked in August statistics.
Aug31/98 Added links to Shackle Alley.
Aug19/98 Updated link for Brian Kane's home page.
Aug18/98 Updated and corrected client site list. Corrected typographical errors found throughout the site. Added links to friends' home pages: John Reddy, Jeffrey Sandris, Stephanie Smith, and Michael Thomas. Corrected friend page links: Bryan Alexander, Alexander Darke, Ellen Evans, and Lisa Leutheuser. Added placeholders for James Parsons and Laura Tennenhouse. Added link to the Capitol Steps' web page.
Aug15/98 Linked in July 1998 statistics.
Aug12/98 Added recipe for Greek-style shrimp to entrees page.
Jul30/98 Updated hobbies page.
Jul28/98 Updated restaurant reviews page. Added placeholder page for motss.con reports.
Jul25/98 Removed new and updated tags; cleaned up some of the html. Updated monthly statistics page.
Jul16/98 Added links to food retail sites to recipe page. Cleaned up recipe pages.
Jul14/98 Added link for hotels to tourism page.
Jul13/98 Updated and cleaned up erotica page, and created subsections.
Jul11/98 Updated Friends links.
Jul10/98 Updated web site development page. Added glop (garlic paté) recipe Added New and Updated flags site-wide as appropriate. Updated copyright page.
Jul09/98 Updated gay resources, stories page, and individual stories with links to Your Video Store.
Jul05/98 Corrected typos; updated play, work, and gay resources pages.
Jul03/98 Added in motss.con.xi pictures
Jul02/98 Changed work information. Linked in June statistics (partial).
Jun19/98 Added Bill LeFebvre and Yossie Silverman to my friends page.
Jun04/98 Linked in May 1998 statistics.
May28/98 Updated motss.con.ix, x, and xi references.
May27/98 Updated employment information. Updated home page. Removed dead link to one of the Chicago motss.con pictures pages.
May26/98 Updated telpephone numbers, pager reference, and employment.
May10/98 Linked in April 1998 statistics.
Apr16/98 Added link to The Oral Majority.
Apr04/98 Linked in March monthly statistics; updated statistics pages. Updated home page.
Mar28/98 Updated incorrect title tags.
Mar21/98 Linked in February monthly statistics; updated statistics pages.
Mar20/98 Added cranberry chicken recipe to entrees recipe page.
Mar08/98 Corrected typos; cleaned up site. Updated link to WSGA.
Mar07/98 Moved and updated housing information into a subdirectory. Added pictures of the inside and outside of the townhouse.
Mar01/98 Corrected a link on the Friends page.
Feb14/98 Added Chicago NIghts to nightlife page.
Feb06/98 Added Bob Gill to friends page.
Feb01/98 Added in December 1997 and January 1998 statistics. Updated web sites page.
Jan24/98 Updated friends page.
Jan13/98 Updated friends page.
Jan01/98 Updated copyrights page. Updated change page (annual rollover). Updated client sites' page.
Changes made before Jan01/98 have been removed from this table, but are available for historical reasons.

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