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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec29/01 Added Gnu humor to References page.
Dec28/01 Updated link to FJ!!'s home page. Updated split pea soup recipe to include beef stock as an alternate.
Dec27/01 Added other links page to educational section. Corrected typos in 2001 LISA Intellectual Property talk and trip report.
Dec24/01 Added link to Bob Gill's recipe links page.
Dec20/01 Updated LISA 2001 trip report.
Dec17/01 Updated LISA 2001 trip report and ATW writeup. Removed proprietary CT information accidentally provided on the web. Added link to "Christmas as a Jewish holiday" to Judaica page. Updated Professional Organizations page. Added link to cleaned-up Repository mockup to CT work page.
Dec14/01 Added sidebars to LISA 2001 trip report; added Intellectual Property talk to articles page.
Dec12/01 Added LISA 2001 trip report, keynote, quiz show, paper-writing sessions, and ATW and MetaLISA writeups. Added LISA 2002 Program Committee information.
Dec11/01 Corrected address and phone, Club 950.
Dec02/01 Linked in November 2001 statistics.
Nov25/01 Cross-linked alphabetical and sort-by-ingredient entree page. Added sorted entrée list to base recipe page.
Nov23/01 Added cherry turkey recipe from Vicky Harper to entrees page. Added beef barley and French onion soups to entree page. Added raspberry sauce to sauces page. Cross-linked raspberry sauce and chocolate mousse cake recipes. Added link to Deeann M. M. Mikula's recipe pages. Added Matt Collins and Deeann Mikula to Friends page. Drafted a reordered entree page by major ingredient.
Nov20/01 Added Michael Baker to Friends page. Added NY Renegades link to New York City links page.
Nov17/01 Updated status reports page. Added restaurant review for Luciano's on Rush Street and updated restaurant reviews page.
Nov15/01 Updated resume. Updated SBC documentation list. Added HHS to CT work sites list (references section). Corrected text for link collection page. Corrected navigation icons for NYC rules-for-living page. Updated training course page. Updated library index page to November 15, 2001 collection.
Nov14/01 Linked in a personal statistics page as hidden link on home page.
Nov10/01 Updated SBC and Paranet work pages to include multiple company icons. Updated resume to 200111 version; added more cross-reference and external links, added SAGE award committee chair for 2001. Updated 1989 UMCN article formatting. Added resume link to work base page. Updated books page formatting. Added "Writing Good Stuff" course to courses page.
Nov06/01 Updated recipe base page to be dual-column. Updated copyrights page.
Nov04/01 Added split pea soup with ham recipe to Entrée and Soup recipe pages.
Nov03/01 Updated formatting on home page. Linked in other midwestern and southwestern city-specific pages to Chicago base page and Chicago Links page. Added and updated headers, footers, and formatting for the Austin, Chicago, Cincinatti, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New York City link collections. Linked in Mineralesque Shrimp recipe from Mack Therber. Updated information on contract gin on my playing-card page.
Nov01/01 Linked in October 2001 statistics.
Oct30/01 Updated SAGE positions to include chair of 2001 awards committee.
Oct28/01 Corrected Tom Limoncelli's web site on Friends page.
Oct26/01 Removed CT work information from base page.
Oct20/01 Added details to card games page.
Oct19/01 Changed "Other information" icon on home page.
Oct18/01 Added HHS and XpressTrade to CT work page. Added interclient navigation to CT client pages.
Oct15/01 Removed pager and PIN from home and beeper pages (pager coverage cancelled).
Oct11/01 Updated page numbers for Oct/01 ;login: articles.
Oct01/01 Linked in September 2001 statistics.
Sep25/01 Linked in status reports (1990-1993 and 1998-2001).
Sep23/01 Updated CT work page.
Sep07/01 Updated review of Emilio's Meson Sabika, corrected typos and formatting.
Sep04/01 Corrected typos in menu from the pre-nuptial dinner for Julie and Jon.
Sep02/01 Added menu from the pre-nuptial dinner for Julie and Jon. Added additional partners to CT work page. Corrected links to Style Guide.
Sep01/01 Linked in August 2001 statistics.
Aug14/01 Updated WKDI link on Chicago radio page.
Aug01/01 Linked in July 2001 statistics.
Jul31/01 Added StratDev to Collective Technologies work page.
Jul26/01 Revised search pages. Added Well Care to top-level work page. Added USENIX 2001 writeups to Articles page. Added 2001 LISA coordination to Collective Technologies work page. Added SNAC to Organizations page.
Jul24/01 Added POTS to the glossary. Linked in Technicast of LISA 2000 Quiz Show. Corrected a typo there too.
Jul17/01 Updated USENIX 2001 writeup/trip report with missing session summaries.
Jul12/01 Linked in Well Care HMO to CT work page.
Jul09/01 Linked in base USENIX 2001 writeup/trip report.
Jul02/01 Linked in June 2001 statistics.
Jun01/01 Linked in May 2001 statistics. Added flags to August 1998, November 2000, January 2001, March 2001, April 2001, and May 2001 monthly statistics pages indicating server downtime.
May31/01 Added entree recipe for Cajun dirty rice and brown poultry stock to Recipe pages.
May23/01 Updated link for R.P.Reyes' online column "My Turn."
May16/01 Added James Parsons to Friends page.
May12/01 Corrected headings, home page. Removed obsolete client information, home page.
May10/01 Corrected headings, Recipe home page.
May06/01 Added April 1997 motd article.
May05/01 Added link to CopyKat to other recipe sites' page. Updated work and work websites pages to reflect recent changes.
May01/01 Linked in April 2001 statistics.
Apr30/01 Added 12 new icons to icon library: book2-blue.gif, book2-cyan.gif, book2-green.gif, book2-orange.gif, book2-purple.gif, book2-yellow.gif, books-byb.gif, books-yby.gif, cincinatti.gif, cleveland.gif, columbus.gif, motorola.gif.
Apr24/01 Added note about April 18th and 24th downtime to statistics page.
Apr18/01 Added Collective Insights and SPECTRA web sites to intranet sites developed for CT. Added card games to my for-fun page. Converted extra-curricular activities list into table on U-M educational page. Added note about server downtime to statistics base page.
Apr12/01 Added 2001 April Fools' RFCs to Funny RFCs page.
Apr10/01 Redirected links for John Reddy on Friends page.
Apr07/01 Corrected typos in recipe pages.
Apr04/01 Corrected typo in alt tags for CT, work base page. Added stubs for 2001 conferences to work trip reports page. Added in the five summaries published in the April 2001 issue of ;login:.
Apr01/01 Linked in March 2001 statistics.
Mar31/01 Updated Friends page to render correctly on Unix.
Mar24/01 Updated Chicago weather link. Began NYC tourism development.
Mar06/01 Added enterprise.gif, shr.gif, and wine.gif to icon library. Updated icon, cartoons page.
Mar03/01 Updated section headers, educational, recipe, and references pages. Updated recipe conversions page.
Mar01/01 Linked in February 2001 statistics.
Feb23/01 Linked in CT Master Style Guide. Added notes about CT Legal Documentation Style Guide to work-related books page. Added placeholders for April 2001 issue of ;login: for articles I wrote. Updated copyright page with corrected service marks for Collective Technologies. Updated table headers, educational information pages.
Feb04/01 Added canonical lightbulb jokes to humorous references.
Feb01/01 Linked in January 2001 statistics.
Jan27/01 Updated change history and work pages to use new standard of header. Updated moved and changed links.
Jan20/01 Added Scott Flaschner to Friends page.
Jan17/01 Added the five new CT Documentation Style Guides (Marketing Collateral, Methodologies, Presentation, Technical Documentation, and Web Site Development) to the "books I wrote" page. Updated copyright page. Added chocolate cake recipe.
Jan16/01 Added Emeril's menu to memorable menus page. Updated Greek Shrimp with Feta recipe. Corrected typos in various recipe pages. Added "pterabyte" to the glossary.
Jan15/01 Added part number for CT Documentation Style Guide to the "books I wrote" page. Corrected cross-references, educational history pages.
Jan06/01 Updated URLs for soc.motss archive (generic GLB links, other recipe information, motss.cons) and Jess Anderson. Corrected header on Coordinated Universal Time (UCT) page.
Jan04/01 Updated CT logo button to use CT logo. Updated copyright page.
Jan03/01 Added terms to glossary: FIFO, FILO, and LIFO. Reformatted and updated copyright page. Updated work information page.
Jan01/01 Rolled over change log. Updated copyrights page. Linked in December 2000 statistics and 2000 year-in-review statistics. Added recipe for beef barley soup.
Changes made before Jan01/01 have been removed from this table, but are available for historical reasons.

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