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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec22/00 Linked in LISA 2000 trip report, Advanced Topics Workshop summary, and pre-qualifying exam for the LISA Quiz Show.
Dec01/00 Linked in November 2000 statistics.
Nov20/00 Updated style guide for this site; added to reference page.
Nov18/00 Added bibliographic references and original text for October 2000 ;login: articles. Updated reference page. Updated client web sites page. Added Johan Andersen, William Annis, Belinda Pett Brown, Lee-may Chen, Chris Fuhrman, and Pat Wilson to my Friends page.
Nov08/00 Updated train information to use Metra's schedule details instead of a 3-year-old local copy (outdated twice).
Nov05/00 Removed local (outdated) copy of Mandragora's "The Jump."
Nov01/00 Linked in October 2000 statistics. Added Judaica references to my reference pages.
Oct24/00 Added Body Language to Bears resources page. Corrected tyo in word order, time definitions page. Added Robert Paul Reyes' column to gay politics page.
Oct14/00 Updated articles authored page.
Oct11/00 Updated work-related organizations page.
Oct08/00 Added link to Midwest Mapping Project for Chicago to Chicago local information page.
Oct01/00 Linked in September 2000 statistics.
Sep13/00 Updated CT Austin address and fax number on base page.
Sep12/00 Updated Collective Technologies work page. Added graphic button for Genentech.
Sep09/00 Updated client information on home page.
Sep02/00 Removed obsolete client information from home page.
Sep01/00 Linked in July 2000 statistics.
Aug27/00 Added link to Margaret Bumby to Friends page.
Aug20/00 Updated end date for Genentech.
Aug18/00 Added PubGroup to CT web sites edited, work sites page.
Aug16/00 Corrected typos, motss.con.x and motss.con.xii reports.
Aug14/00 Updated CT and Genentech work pages.
Aug10/00 Added Esther Filderman to Friends page.
Aug04/00 Added April 1991 inside Itd article.
Aug01/00 Linked in July 2000 statistics.
Jul28/00 Added DBA and XML to the network glossary.
Jul27/00 Updated link to Composing Good html reference.
Jul22/00 Updated reference to an inside Itd newsletter article I wrote in 1990.
Jul20/00 Removed new flags.
Jul17/00 Updated links to conference reports. Added in more motss.con.xiii picture links.
Jul13/00 Added in additional client responsibilities to Genentech and work pages. Added Unix Rosetta Stone to the reference page.
Jul11/00 Added in new client information to base page.
Jul04/00 Corrected damaged html across the entire site (except Microsoft-generated html in PowerPoint presentation), affecting 91 changes in 23 files. Removed invalid links to chigrp pages at Updated copyright page formatting. Added Jon Gold and Claire Schwartz to Friends page. Corrected random typographical errors. Moved gay resources page and updated all relevant links site-wide. Added redirection to old location. Corrected html in footers on affected pages.
Jul03/00 Updated links that had expired, moved, or were otherwise incorrect. Removed Alice Spaulding from Friends page. Removed links for Daniel Cragmile, Terry Jamro, Kevin Joseph, Stanislao Marco, Joe Rhett, and Jeffrey Sandris on Friends page. Updated links for friends Ady Gould, Philip Kizer, Tom Limoncelli, Scott Safier, Alan Stern, and David Todd (Hacksaw) on Friends page. Updated 3 broken link in books and courses I've written. Updated 3 airport and 3 airline links in Chicago airline information. Updated NWU and UIC links in Chicago college information. Updated 2 newspapers in Chicago local news page. Updated 3 project links in LISA 1999 trip report and related write-ups. Updated 3 project links in USENIX 2000 trip report.
Jul02/00 Updated front page. Added DNS SOA record to glossary. Added link to RFC 822 to glossary. Added the following new terms to the glossary: Andrew File System (AFS), Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), Common Internet File System (CIFS), demilitarized zone (DMZ), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), distributed file system (DFS), fast file system (FFS), Fiber Channel, Hierarchical File System (HFS), Institutional File System (IFS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Network Attached Storage Device (NASD), Storage Area Network (SAN), Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), Unix File System (UFS). Added links to term file system throughout glossary. Corrected missing /A tag on NTP entry in glossary. Corrected missing /td tag and missing paragraph break in RAID table in glossary. Updated formatting of all change log pages (1997-2000). Linked in 2000 USENIX trip report. Corrected typo in Motorola work page. Added reference to Motorola Systems Administration to my Books page. Corrected malformed html on statistics page. Reversed chronological order of articles published. Corrected graphic size in the footer of 66 recipe pages. Updated table formats on recipe unit conversion page.
Jul01/00 Removed old New and Updated tags. Linked in June 2000 statistics. Added corrections to USENIX 2000 trip report.
Jun28/00 Removed client information from base page. Removed pager information from base page. Cleaned up top-of-page table (Contact information) on base page. Added in 2000 USENIX trip report.
Jun26/00 Added motss.con.xiii pictures link.
Jun17/00 Removed EFF notice from home page. Added new tutorials to training classes page. Corrected broken link on training classes page. Updated and cleaned up client and CT work pages. Separated my documentation pages into articles, books, and courses. Updated my house page. Added New and Updated tags to all changed pages. Updated icons and navigation links as appropriate.
Jun14/00 Added link for Merz Apothecary to Chicago article.
Jun08/00 Updated work information. Added information on the University of Chicago School of Music's free concert series.
Jun01/00 Linked in May 2000 statistics. Added links to and articles from the Chicago Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Added links to several funny or amusing Internet RFCs.
May22/00 Updated link to JJ's recipe page.
May17/00 Updated music and filk pages.
May13/00 Updated library collection.
May01/00 Linked in April 2000 statistics.
Apr27/00 Added Michael Conlen and David Leonard to my Friends page.
Apr13/00 Updated pager to use new DNS domain.
Apr01/00 Linked in March 2000 statistics. Removed New and Updated tags. Updated MTS timeline and introduction to include more RPI-site information. Added Alan Stern to Friends page.
Mar25/00 Updated UM course and extracurricular information. Corrected typo in 1999 USENIX trip report. Added review of Montrio in Monterey CA.
Mar24/00 Updated personally-developed web sites page.
Mar21/00 Added new URL for Ilona Koren-Deutsch.
Mar18/00 Updated education section; merged training classes into a single page. Added new Team Lead responsibilities to Collective Technologies work page.
Mar16/00 Updated Convex courses.
Mar11/00 Added educational history section, including elementary school (Roeper), middle and high school (Cranbrook), and college (Univeristy of Michigan), with course information and extracurricular activities, as well as vendor and professional organizational courses. Linked in as appropriate with work and fun pages.
Mar08/00 Added Chicago local clubs page.
Mar06/00 Added internal-to-page navigation links, Motorola work page.
Mar04/00 Commented out obsolete link for Ilona Koren-Deutsch's home page. Added links to for articles published by the Association.
Mar02/00 Added links for motss.con.xiii (Utrecht).
Mar01/00 Linked in February 2000 statistics.
Feb26/00 Added Peter Thomas to my Friends page.
Feb24/00 Updated Motorola work page. Added Apr01/90 article to articles page.
Feb21/00 Updated CT and Motorola work pages.
Feb19/00 Updated newly-published articles.
Feb18/00 Added Alice Spaulding to my Friends page. Added articles published in the February 2000 issue (volume 25 number 1) of ;login: to my publications page.
Feb17/00 Added Monkey Bagel to the reference page.
Feb15/00 Added Anne Moore to my Friends page.
Feb09/00 Updated link for Michael Nieuwenhuizen.
Feb08/00 Added saga of Michigan-to-Texas move with NAVL to Convex work page.
Feb01/00 Linked in January 2000 statistics.
Jan22/00 Added Terry Christian-Jennings to Friends page. Updated page of articles and books written. Linked in additional articles written.
Jan15/00 Added link to Wake Up News on Chicago area newspapers page.
Jan10/00 Updated motss.con index page.
Jan08/00 Updated LISA'99 trip report. Updated LISA'00 reference text. Updated work responsibilities page. Updated work-related web sites page. Updated page of all articles, books, and courses I wrote for upcoming article publications. Updated several previous companies' work pages to correct typos. Updated 1999 year-in-review statistics. Updated copyright page. Removed excess white space from friends page.
Jan06/00 Corrected typo in my turkey recipe.
Jan02/00 Updated Motorola client page.
Jan01/00 Rolled over change log. Updated copyrights page. Linked in December 1999 statistics and 1999 year-in-review statistics.
Changes made before Jan01/00 have been removed from this table, but are available for historical reasons.

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