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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec20/97 Updated references page. Added links to public client pages I designed or managed.
Dec12/97 Updated local Chicago index page.
Dec01/97 Linked in November stats.
Nov22/97 Updated home phone number for move. Updated statistics page.
Nov19/97 Updated housing page.
Nov10/97 Updated friends page. Updated housing page.
Nov07/97 Added October statistics.
Nov05/97 Updated friends page.
Nov03/97 Updated home purchase page. Updated local restaurants page. Added link to archives to recipes page.
Oct31/97 Updated Chicago-local links page.
Oct24/97 Updated home purchase page.
Oct18/97 Updated expired or moved links. Updated home purchase page.
Oct11/97 Added in September statistics. Added hidden link to home purchase page.
Sep07/97 Updated statistical generation script to be month-specific and to omit site-specific home page URL (/).
Sep02/97 Linked to the Bigmeat Market web site.
Sep01/97 Added in statistics for August. Cross-linked various recipes.
Aug30/97 Updated stories (erotica) page. Updated copyright page. Linked in secured directions.
Aug28/97 Added motss.con.x pictures link.
Aug26/97 Added "Classic Daddies" link to erotica pages.
Aug23/97 Updated friends list. Removed new/updated tags.
Aug15/97 Updated work information.
Aug03/97 Updated link to the Nifty archive. Flagged home page as updated. Added link to West Suburban Gay Association (WSGA). Added in July statistics.
Jul21/97 Updated Sprint Paranet's company name.
Jul20/97 Removed current goings-on link.
Jul12/97 Added in client site email address.
Jul04/97 Updated home page to decrease load time. Updated work page regarding next LISA conference participation. Corrected bad bogus links. Created June statistics.
Jun25/97 Corrected typos.
Jun21/97 Updated copyright page.
Jun20/97 Added options to Chicken Dianne recipe.
Jun13/97 Corrected typos.
Jun11/97 Removed a missing link.
Jun07/97 Linked in index to articles. Updated a few links.
Jun04/97 Corrected several typos.
Jun01/97 Added May monthly statistical summary.
May31/97 Updated train schedule: two mid-day westbound trains are 2-3 minutes earlier in arrival.
May10/97 Added another Chicago restaurant article. Cleaned up new and updated tags.
May04/97 Added 3 icons to icon library. Corrected minor typos. Added more people to friends page.
May02/97 Added recipe for banana bread.
Apr27/97 Corrected bad link on recipe pages. Updated current medical condition. Added more friends' web pages. Updated links to other friends (correcting URLs). Added reference to evil overlord plans.
Apr26/97 Added new recipes for shrimp fried rice, sezchuan chicken, satay style barbecued pork, onion-ginger confit, penne a la vodka, fruit cobbler, chocolate crinkle cookies, tomato vinaigrette sauce, New England clam chowder, barbecued pork ribs, onion soup, matzo balls for soup, charoset, & yams. Updated appropriate recipe index and sub-index pages. Added appropriate flags to recipe pages (New, Updated; Kosher, cheap, showcase).
Apr25/97 Added new recipes for chili oil and hot & sour soup.
Apr24/97 Updated friends page: Added Brian Kane, Laura Tennenhouse. Ran weblint and cleaned up all files.
Apr23/97 Revamped entire Chicago local page structure, adding links to more museums, shopping, sports teams, and tourist attractions; breaking apart over-large pages, adding icons to menus, converting lists to tables, verifying off-site links, and created a page of links to other Chicagoland resources. Revamped recipe pages, breaking into categories by page (appetizer, side dish, sauce, soup, entree, dessert). Added appropriate section-level header to all recipe pages. Updated footer (dates) on all recipe pages. Cross-linked appropriate recipes to multiple sections. Added links to other recipe pages. Updated work information page. Updated current health issues. Added note about construction delays to train schedules.
Apr22/97 Added Bike Chicago to tourist attractions page. Added links for Chicago area museums. Added link to Yahoo's Chicago restaurants page. Converted museums page to use table not PRE tags.
Apr16/97 Updated current conditions file.
Apr14/97 Added 3 new icons to icon library.
Apr12/97 Added motss.con.ix commentary. Provided local copies of motss.con.vii and motss.con.viii commentaries. Removed obsolete soc.motss home page link. Added extra smut links. Updated current life issues. Added new story to erotica section.
Apr06/97 Flagged Santa Fe Speedway as having closed in 1995. Updated link to Perot Systems. Added page of what's going on in my life.
Mar29/97 Added additional links to erotica page.
Mar24/97 Added 9 new icons to icon library. Updated recipe headers to use section headings and new icons.
Mar23/97 Added restaurant reviews. Corrected some outdated links.
Mar22/97 General cleanup. Added BNSF map to Train page. Changed "special" recipes flag to blue ball.
Mar09/97 Added bruschetta recipe.
Mar08/97 Updated chicken soup recipe. Added new icons to icon library. Updated copyright page.
Mar06/97 Linked in February-only statistics.
Feb28/97 Reorganized recipes page into sections (appetizers, side dishes, sauces, soups, entrées, and desserts). Added chicken soup recipe.
Feb26/97 Added chicken liver recipe.
Feb23/97 Added definitions (CERT, DARPA) to master glossary.
Feb16/97 Added chocolate chip cookie bar recipe.
Feb13/97 Added hints on using search services. Added link to motss.con.x web page.
Feb03/97 Updated local train schedule to be shorter vertically.
Feb01/97 Created a hidden unbrowsable directory for temporary use. Reverted page colors (white background, default text and links), all pages. Added copyright reference page.
Jan30/97 Added 7 icons to icon library.
Jan28/97 Added 12 icons to icon library. Updated search services page. Updated bank page.
Jan26/97 Revised friends page. Added reference works. Added search engine reference. Cleaned up base page. Cleaned up work page.
Jan25/97 Updated friends page.
Jan24/97 Disabled browsing of directories.
Jan22/97 Added 6 new icons to icon library. Updated statistics script.
Jan21/97 Added 17 new icons to icon library. Corrected some relocated URLs.
Jan20/97 Updated icon library (removed duplicate buttons). Added automated statistics (generated daily).
Jan19/97 Corrected typo on index page. Corrected typo on train schedule page.
Jan18/97 Added header and footer to all recipe pages. Cleaned up all recipe pages (formatted html source, updated cross-references). Cleaned up all base-level pages (formatted html, corrected html to current spec). Created this changes page. Linked to this page from the index page. Added link to banking page from the references page. Updated train schedules. Updated local (Chicago) information page. Updated Chicago Cheap Eats page. Cleaned up all Chicago local pages (formatted html source, corrected bad e-mail address in footers, made title agree with page title).
Jan17/97 Updated entire icon library. Corrected icons on banking page. Updated links on the index page.
Jan15/97 Added Perl and RAID to network glossary.
Changes made before Jan01/97 have been removed from this table.

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