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The following changes have been made to these web pages:

Date Change(s)
Dec27/99 Updated WKDI link.
Dec25/99 Added contact information for some restaurants.
Dec19/99 Updated MTS history page to include non-University of Michigan development. Removed public domain software archives.
Dec18/99 Added link to Brian Shore's page.
Dec12/99 Added conversion document for non-US recipe makers.
Dec11/99 Added miscellaneous links. Added text of several articles I wrote that hadn't been brought online yet. Updated links for LISA 1999 and LISA 2000 (preparation). Added links to friends' pages: Lee Damon, Doug Hughes, Philip Kizer, Greg Rose, and David Todd (Hacksaw). Removed New and Updated tags throughout site. Completed Emilio's menu page.
Dec01/99 Linked in November 1999 statistics.
Nov28/99 Added and populated a new menu section on the recipes page.
Nov25/99 Updated pager information on details page. Added links to the Internet RFCs for the following terms in the Network Glossary: BOOTP, CIDR, DNS, DNS LOC record, DNS MX record, DVMRP, FDDI, FTP, html, HTTP (v1.0, v1.1), IAB, ICMP, IMAP (v3, v4), IP, IPNG, IPv6, ISDN, Kerberos, LDAP, MIB, MIME, MOSPF, NFS (v2, v3), NNTP, NTP (v2, v3), OSPF, POP (v2, v3), PPP, RIP, RMON, RPC, SLIP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, URL, X.400, X.500, and XDR. Added definitions and links to Internet RFC for the following terms: BGP, EGP, ESMTP, RARP, RTFM, TFTP, and X11.
Nov24/99 Added back Darren Cobb's (new) web site to Friends page.
Nov23/99 Linked in 1999 LISA and 1999 ATW trip reports.
Nov22/99 Added Jochen R. to Friends page.
Nov21/99 Updated client responsibilities.
Nov20/99 Changed CT pager number.
Nov01/99 Linked in October 1999 statistics.
Oct30/99 Linked in an article from the Chicago Tribune to one of my restaurant reviews.
Oct29/99 Linked in my motss.con.xii report.
Oct24/99 Added more motss.con.xii pictures.
Oct23/99 Added links to friends' pages: Chris Ice, Brian Jarvis, Chris Josephes, and Greg Shapiro. Linked in 1998 LISA, 1998 ATW, and 1999 USENIX trip reports. Linked to 1998 ATW report on the articles-I-wrote page. Updated Convex and Motorola client work pages. Added author credit to html course on my reference page.
Oct22/99 Changed work phone number.
Oct20/99 Added link to Doug Wyman's home page.
Oct15/99 Added link to Ken Rudolph's motss.con.xii pictures.
Oct09/99 Added links to Adam Moskowitz' home and recipe pages.
Oct07/99 Corrected URL for Steve Giammarco's home page.
Oct01/99 Linked in September 1999 statistics.
Sep07/99 Updated assembly language commands.
Sep06/99 Updated statistics page. Updated motss.con and gay resources pages for the upcoming (Oct/99) motss.con. Updated search site pages (changed Deja News to, changed icon for Added Techout intranet web site to work-related web sites page. Added housing information to Chicago local links page. Removed hidden files. Ran weblint v1.020 on entire web tree; corrected all major errors and warnings. Ran BigBrother on entire web tree; corrected, updated, or deleted relevant links.
Sep05/99 Updated conference timeframes for U-M GLB conferences.
Sep03/99 Updated conference timeframes for U-M GLB conferences. Provided a link to the Technical Guide to Assembler Language on the references page. Restored link to friend Lisa Leutheuser's page.
Sep01/99 Linked in August 1999 statistics.
Aug30/99 Added end-of-era message to U-M conferencing pages.
Aug24/99 Added more MTS anecdotes.
Aug22/99 Updated Motorola work page.
Aug11/99 Updated Collective Technologies and Motorola work pages.
Aug07/99 Updated Friends page. Removed hidden links on home page. Corrected several typos throughout the site.
Aug06/99 Updated current work pages.
Aug01/99 Linked in July 1999 statistics.
Jul31/99 Corrected a damaged term in the Network Glossary.
Jul19/99 Revised several pages in the Play section.
Jul17/99 Linked in The Yummy Book online recipe index. Corrected links and typos on various work pages; broke out Motorola from Collective Technologies to reduce amount of data per page and to prepare for the next client.
Jul03/99 Updated work responsibilities.
Jul01/99 Linked in June 1999 statistics.
Jun28/99 Added a G&S link.
May26/99 Corrected a typo on the chocolate chip cookie bars recipe page.
May22/99 Added the Bear's Hitchin' Post to bear section of gay links page. Revised UM conferencing page.
May19/99 Updated library and reading information. Added Bearly News to bear section of gay links page. Corrected UM and SBC work pages. Linked in farewell message to UM GLB conferencing pages.
May16/99 Added New and Updated flags throughout site covering the past few days' work. Added links for Bloom County and Futurama. Expanded information on U-M GLB conferences.
May15/99 Updated home, copyright, friends, work, and references pages.
May14/99 Updated various icons; revised play (fun) section.
May13/99 Updated current job responsibilities page and courses written.
May09/99 Updated current job responsibilities page. Corrected typo in garlic soup recipe. Updated miscellaneous information throughout the Work section. Corrected and updated footers throughout the Chicago local section. Added footer to all recipe pages in the Recipes section. Separated other recipe sites from recipe base page. Added Introduction to html course.
May01/99 Compiled, edited, and linked in April 1999 statistics.
Apr20/99 Linked to 1999 motss.con proposal and schedule
Apr19/99 Added a link to JJ's Recipe Connection. Updated navigation footer on all relevant pages in the Chicago local section.
Apr17/99 Linked in chirgp presentation to work section. Updated 1998 LISA conference link to the Proceedings. Updated navigation footer on all relevant pages throughout the entire site (except the Chicago local pages, which should be done soon).
Apr16/99 Restored primary work fax number. Added security outage note to Statistics page. Modified footnotes on Statistics page. Ran temporary April statistics. Added ex-Convex link to Convex work page.
Web server unavailable from Mon Apr05/99 20:15:53 to Fri Apr16/99 02:29:55 (PDT). Total server down time >246 hours (10 days 6 hours 14 minutes 2 seconds).
Apr05/99 Updated work-related web sites page.
Apr02/99 Cleaned up site (quarterly maintenance). Corrected URLs for the ABN AMRO Online Career Center; Continental Airlines; friends Adrian Gould, Erik Hollick, David Siegel, and Arnold Zwicky; Michigan State University the reference Online Computing Dictionary; and search services Infoseek and Infoseek Ultra. Removed obsolete URLs for friends Scott Gordon, Lisa Leutheuser, and Edward McKeown; Jimka's story archive; and Lars' recipe links. Corrected an incorrect reference in the footer of an article. Commented the WSGA entry for future updates. Removed bank list from reference page and references to it from the site.
Apr01/99 Linked in March 1999 statistics.
Mar30/99 Changed fax number at work (temporarily).
Mar29/99 Added The Simpsons to the Cartoons page.
Mar10/99 Added computing dictionary to references page.
Mar07/99 Updated Chicago local section: Cleaned up TV station list; cleaned up train schedules; added restaurant review for Greek Islands; added New and Updated flags where appropriate. Added cartoons information to fun section. Moved U-M GLB conference information out of active table.
Mar06/99 Updated work section, linking the job pages into a sequence and correcting typos. Updated various subpages in the section as well. Updated historical statistics page to improve clarity. Changed URL for Ady Gould's web site. Added terms spam and UCE to glossary. Added New and Updated tags where appropriate.
Mar03/99 Added new Motorola-site specific pager.
Mar01/99 Linked in February statistics.
Feb27/99 Updated home page to fix pager reference. Updated Collective Technologies' work page for clarity. Updated recipes page to remove obsolete links. Updated copyright page to reflect mergers and acquisitions (where known). Updated books written page to expand descriptions of various documents.
Feb21/99 Updated reading page with link to online library database.
Feb19/99 Updated professional organizations page. Added an all-books page to work section.
Feb07/99 Corrected BNC link.
Feb06/99 Added more information about filking to music-for-fun page. Updated reading page.
Feb05/99 Updated Collective Technologies' work page.
Feb04/99 Updated Collective Technologies' work page.
Feb01/99 Added January 1999 statistics.
Jan20/99 Added another G&S site. Added recipe for salsa wraps. Added link on Friends page for Tom Smith.
Jan19/99 Added an amusing chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Jan14/99 Added Jean-Marie Diaz, Sean Doran, Carson Gaspar, David Parter, Jeff Schouten, and David Siegel to friends page.
Jan11/99 Added placeholder icon for Collective Technologies.
Jan04/99 Added 1998 year-in-review web statistical symmary. Added an explanation of UTC to the glossary and an explanatory page. Added link to Liam Hoekenga's web page to friends page. Added link to UMGASS to G&S page.
Jan02/99 Added links to GRUF Magazine to erotica section.
Jan01/99 Updated copyrights page. Updated change page (annual rollover).
Changes made before Jan01/99 have been removed from this table, but are available for historical reasons.

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