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In September 1998 I accepted a systems administration position with Collective Technologies, a Pencom company. Collective Technologies is the recognized leader in systems management services for highly complex distributed computer environments. Founded in 1994, they employed over 400 consultants and had offices in all major technology centers throughout the United States. I worked there through October 2001, when I got hit by the fourth round of layoffs.


My initial primary duties were as a consultant, basically shipped out to a client site in order to help them accomplish some project or task. The clients I worked with include:

Motorola—Senior Systems Administrator, Worldwide System Development Division, October 1998-June 2000
Genentech—ClearCase Administrator and Release Engineer, Medical Affairs, July-September 2000
Well Care HMO—HIPAA Compliance Audit, July 2001
An Unnamed Options Firm—Solaris patching and JetDirect installation, October 2001

Dates not listed are when I worked exclusively on internal projects and did not bill any time to clients.


In addition to various client work, and as of January 2001 when I officially transferred into the Corporate arena, I did a lot of work inside the company:

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