Josh Work ATG Art Technology Group (ATG)

In August 2002 I accepted a job with Cambridge MA-based ATG. They allowed me to work from Chicago (from home half the time and from the downtown sales office the other half) until the condo sold. I moved out to Cambridge in late November.

My title was Senior Systems Administrator. The job was more like a junior/intermediate administrator since our junior admins were let go and we weren't allowed to replace them. So I did trouble-tickets, help desk management, and very little infrastructure design and enhancement. For the last 2-3 weeks of 2002 I was doing a physical inventory of the machine rooms, since between the previous layoffs and the shoddy recordkeeping that resulted, nobody had any idea what we owned, where it was, how it was configured, and so on. (In fact, a week into 2003 we found an additional 18 machines that might be in use as compute-servers that were missed completely!)

This all ceased to be my problem in early January when I (along with 114 others, for 20% of the company) was let go in yet another round of layoffs.

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