Josh Work Sprint Paranet Sprint Paranet at ABN AMRO North America, Inc.

I became a Technical Analyst with Paranet in November, 1996.
Purchased in August 1997 by Sprint, the newly-renamed Sprint Paranet is a consulting company that specializes in systems, network, and business analysis, design, and re-engineering. Their aim is to develop a partnership with the client so they can make them the best in their field. They are not vendor-tied, so they can theoretically recommend the best solution for the client without being forced (contractually) to say "Sun" or "HP" or "Intel" or any specific vendor. I left Sprint Paranet in 1998.
My client was ABN AMRO North America, Inc., an international retail and trading bank. Coming from my stint at SBC, I was already familiar with a lot of the general practices of their organization, so they were really happy at not having to explain production versus development work and that information technology takes a back seat to making money and so on. I was a webmaster, did systems and network administration and planning for both hardware and software, and was doing project coordination for Internet-based web sites that they developed for their customers. As part of my projects, I wrote six (and completed five) technical manuals for them as well:

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