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My next client for Collective Technologies was at an unnamed options firm in Chicago, Illinois, who decided, nearly 4.5 years after this page was created, to request that I not list their name, alleging the existence of a confidentiality agreement which I never saw, let alone signed. I went in one weekend to patch eight servers (ranging from Ultra 5 through Enterprise 250, 450, and 3500 class machines running Solaris 2.6 and 2.7) and install an HP JetDirect 500X print server.

Seven of the eight servers patched well; one would not patch because someone had deleted the entire /var/sadm tree (where Solaris stores its software installation database). Other than some minor post-patch problems (such as the mail server not sending mail outside the company due to the file being silently replaced during the patch process, thank you very much Sun Microsystems), this went smoothly.

The print server also installed with minimal difficulty. It defaulted to using DHCP to get its name, but we renamed and reconfigured it to use a static address and verified it could print to the specific printer.

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