Today's Weather in pictures

When I want the prediction, I usually go to the Intellicast page for San Francisco because they do a pretty good job of reformatting the National Weather Service TTY output, and they have excellent RADAR pictures. However, as the old weather adage goes, there's nothing like looking out the window to see what the weather is going to be. For a few other places to look virtually out a window, see my panoramic views page.

I also look at this and other related pages before I go snow skiing (The Weather Channel even has a Skier's Forecast). In particular, I like looking at satellite infrared pictures so much that I've set up an automatically updated animated GIF series of the shots from the GOES-9 satellite.

In addition to the various telemetry on this page, there is a view of San Francisco and various parts of the Bay Area from the top of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill, courtesy of KPIX TV Channel 5 which has a camera mounted up there. The best page from the camera on their web server is a spread of photos from the last eight hours of shots.

Also worth a look are:

Mondo National Surface Analysis & RADAR Summary

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[JPEG from U.C. Davis of GOES-9 IR satellite photo]
[GIF from Purdue of GOES-9 IR satellite photo]
Erik E. Fair <>
April 9, 1998