Hobbies & Health

  • Home Improvement, All Areas
  • Gardening & Aquariums
  • Scuba, Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, Camping & Kayaking
  • Volleyball, soccer, badmitton, Snow & Water Skiing

Other Interests

  • Home Automation Technology
  • Alternative Energy & Solar Technology
  • Building Custom Personal Computers
  • Firmware & Control System Development
  • Microcontroller Design
  • Drafting & Computer Aided Design
  • Graphics & GUI Design
  • Organizing


Simple Philosophy

I would like to think that at some point in everyone's life there is a strong desire to do something special. Someone who can contribute a monument to the evolution of society. Though some admire recognition, I would just like to know that I made a difference in humanity somewhere. Many people feel they never achieve their goals yet continue to progress in their field with seemingly unwavering devotion. I admire those meek individuals who continue to strive towards something greater in life for humanity.