Top 100 Movies ever seen by me

The following is a listing of my 100 all time favorite movies in order. Sometimes I haven't seen your favorite movie, I haven't remembered a great one, or I just didnt like it when I saw it. If you feel a movie is missing from this list, please email me about the oversight and I will correct it or contact you otherwise telling why It is not included here in.

  1. Braveheart

    A movie filled with tragedy, drama, grueling battle scenes, and near flawless direction, star and director Mel Gibson presents a gritty and gruesome depiction of Scotland's fight for freedom behind leader William Wallace. This 3 hour Epic took home the Best Picture Oscar among others and demands your attention. Not seeing this movie is an insult to you.

  2. Dead Poet's Society

    This is the movie that won Robin Williams his Oscar, even though he did not receive it until 8 years later for Good Will Hunting. A story of a teacher who bent the rules of life in order to teach the ultimate lessons of life to his students. Featuring Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles, and Robert Sean Leonard.

  3. Beautiful Thing

    This is the movie that you have to see if you are gay. It will empower you to such strength and freedom that even if you are already out of the closet you will want to run down the streets procaiming your homosexuality. With a cast of unknowns, Beautiful Thing captures the story of two teenage boys in London who fall in love with each other and must deal with the society around them.

  4. Apocalypse Now

    A gripping, gruesome account of the Vietnam War and what goes wrong when intelligent men are driven to insanity, both in front of and behind the cameras. Director Francis Ford Coppola spent over a year directing such notable actors as Marlon Brando, a vigilante war hero that Martin Sheen, is sent to kill with extreme prejudice.Robert Duvall, Laurence Fishburne, Harrison Ford and Dennis Hopper co-star.

  5. Saving Private Ryan

    Steven Spielberg crafts yet another visually stunning and moving experience from our past as he tells the story of a unit of WW II soldiers sent behind enemy lines to rescue Private James Ryan (Matt Damon) because all three of his brothers were killed in action on the same day. The unit is led by Tom Hanks and features great performances by Tom Sizemore, Giovanni Ribisi, and Edward Burns.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    Tim Robbins directs wife Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn in a gritty prison drama about a man on death row and the nun who comes to counsel him during his last days. She also attempts to get him to confess to the murders he claims having not committed in order to purify his soul. Garnered Best Actor, Actress, Director and Music nominations from the Academy. Sarandon won for Best Actress.

  7. Brazil

    Terry Gilliam directs this winner of the LA Film Critics Association Best Picture award. It is a fascinating, imagery laden adventure into the future where red tape reigns supreme, ducts are everywhere, and terrorist bombings happen without notice. Oh and there is some fuss about a guy named Tuttle, or was it Buttle? Starring Jonathon Pryce, Michael Palin, Bob Hoskins, Katherine Helmond, Ian Holm and Robert De Niro.

  8. Gandhi

    Ben Kingsley and Candice Bergen star in the tale of the leader of the Indian people who professed peaceful resolve instead of violence, using sit-ins, fasting, and a peaceful manner to solve problems. Directed by Sir Richard Attenborough and winner of 8 Oscars, including Best Actor, Director, and Picture. John Gielgud And Martin Sheen co-star.

  9. A Clockwork Orange

    Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, based on Anthony Burgess's novel of the same name, stars Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge, the leader of a gang of brutes whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven. Throw in a carefuly plotted brainwashing and some full frontal nudity of both sexes, and you are in for an all out barrage on the senses. It may not seem like much now, but it was made in 1971. Nominated for 4 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.

  10. The Blues Brothers

    John Landis directs one of the last movies of brilliant comic actor John Belushi. Belushi stars as Joliet Jake and Dan Aykroyd stars as Elwood Blues. Together they form the Blues Brothers. Featuring the single best car chase sequence ever, a whole lot of blues music including Cab Calloway doing "Minnie the Moocher", and Carrie Fisher as the psychotic ex-girlfriend. John Candy co-stars.

  11. Strange Brew

    Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprise their SCTV roles as Bob and Doug McKenzie and take on Elsinore Brewery Company all in an effort to get free beer eh? A cult favorite and I have seen it easily 100 times. A classic comedy. Co-stars Max von Sydow Look for the sequel Home Brew due out in 2000.

  12. Rock and Roll High School Forever

    The sequel to Rock and Roll High School is all about camp in the colorful costumes, outrageous high school pranks, and the music of the Corey Feldman led band, the Eradicators. Ronald Reagan High School is taken over by an evil vice-principal named Dr. Vadar and its up to Feldman and the gang to beat Vader and the preppies at their own game. Featuring an inspired soundtrack.

  13. Rain Man

    Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise star as brothers in this drama about an autistic man (Hoffman) and his greedy brother (Cruise) who attempts to use his math abilities to cheat his way to victory in Vegas. Winner of Best Actor (Hoffman), Best Director (Barry Levinson), Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay Oscars.

  14. Full Metal Jacket

    Stanley Kubrick directs a gripping no holds barred tale about the effects of the Vietnam War on a group of Marines. An All Star cast includes Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, and Vincent D'Onoforio. Coined the phrase, "Me love u long time" Nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar.

  15. Monty Python & the Holy Grail

    The entire Monty Python troupe, featuring John Cleese, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam, who also directed is in action looking for the Holy Grail and portraying various members in the time of King Arthur. The humor is off kilter, the characterizations are fabulous, and the gags by far their best work ever.

  16. Shawshank Redemption

    What would you do if you were convicted of a murder you didnt commit and sentenced to life in jail? Escape of course. But this is no murder mystery, this is the story of two men's friendship in and out of prison and is a film that will awaken your spirit and move you in ways like never before. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, and based on a short story by none other than Stephen King. Nominated for 7 Oscars, including Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Musical Score, and Best Cinematography.

  17. The Matrix
  18. A dazzling display of special effects paired with the brilliant direction of to the Wachowski brothers.Keanu Reeves is Neo, the ONE, a man chosen to save mankind from the prison that we all live in, an implanted reality as it is actually closer to the end of the 23rd century. Through training sequneces, and real life run throughs, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheous, trains Neo to go against the Agents who run the Matrix. It is hard to explain, but so worth seeing. Co-stars Joe Pantoliano, Hugo Weaving, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

  19. The Usual Suspects

    Bryan Singer directs a cast of fresh faces and some old stand by's in a sharp, edgy, crime thriller noir centered around the mysterious Keyser Soze. Soze is believed to be an all controlling mafioso type who doesnt really exist, but still is feared by all. Starring Stephen Baldwin, Benicio Del Toro, Gabriel Byrne, Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, Kevin Pollak, Chazz Palminteri, Pete Postlethwaite, and Dan Hedaya.

  20. Dances With Wolves
  21. Wild Reeds
  22. Immortal Beloved
  23. A Fish Called Wanda
  24. Schindler's List
  25. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  26. L.A. Confidential
  27. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  28. Stand By Me
  29. Chasing Amy
  30. Raging Bull
  31. The Shining
  32. Trainspotting
  33. Jaws
  34. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  35. As Good As It Gets
  36. Airplane!
  37. Taxi Driver
  38. Caddyshack
  39. Leaving Las Vegas
  40. Die Hard
  41. Lone Star
  42. Casino
  43. Welcome to the Dollhouse
  44. Star Wars
  45. The Player
  46. In the Name of the Father
  47. Alien
  48. The Graduate
  49. City of Lost Children
  50. Grosse Pointe Blank
  51. Good Will Hunting
  52. Chinatown
  53. A Few Good Men
  54. Groundhog Day
  55. The Elephant Man
  56. The Princess Bride
  57. Scream
  58. The God's Must be Crazy
  59. Unforgiven
  60. Delicatessen
  61. Shallow Grave
  62. Ed Wood
  63. M*A*S*H
  64. The Lion King
  65. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  66. The Hunt For Red October
  67. Cool Hand Luke
  68. The Empire Strikes Back
  69. Fargo
  70. The Beastmaster
  71. Midnight Run
  72. The Fugitive
  73. Forrest Gump
  74. Spice World
  75. Rob Roy
  76. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  77. Raising Arizona
  78. Awakenings
  79. A Christmas Story
  80. Psycho(Remake)
  81. There's Something About Mary
  82. Clerks
  83. Aliens
  84. Altered States
  85. All The President's Men
  86. Aladdin
  87. The Silence of the Lambs
  88. The Birds
  89. To Kill a Mockingbird
  90. Amadeus
  91. Platoon
  92. 12 Monkeys
  93. E.T.
  94. Field of Dreams
  95. Return of the Jedi
  96. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  97. Ben-Hur
  98. Patton
  99. The Terminator
  100. Opposite of Sex
  101. Short Cuts