Well i went camping for the big FAUX millenium. the world didnt end. oh darn. I was tehre with my new friends Shane and Paul, a very cute couple very much in love. I'm jealous of them having found each other. It's funy, been almost two years since the XY article was out on me and people still treat me like im this awfulperson. Sure I had a big ego for a while, but hey I was in an interntaional magazine it was exciting. So now its two years later, I'm 24 singel looking for someone to date slowly and settle into a nice realtionship, and I keep hearing oh your that guy who did that thing and it was somehting i supposedly did for a year and a half ago. It saddens me that so many gay youth out there will refuse to get to know someone based on something fomr over a year ago that may or may not have happened. Man I only wish I had had half as much of the sex as my reputation says I have had, then I'd be content. Oh well. Hopefully this will have the same effect as the ryan phillippe turning over his journal to reese witherspoon in Cruel Intentions did. Someone will recognize that im beyond ready willing and able to be real and be a man and be someone's boy friend. But who knows?


OOf what a long day, was up until 3 am with insomnia both in regards to my new job starting tomorrow and the date I had today with a very cute boy named Charles. Charles was very nice and a lot of fun to hang out with. We went mini golfing, beat him both games (I RULE!) and then had lunch at the old spaghetti factory, saw Stuart little - it was lame, and had ice cream at Ben & Jerry's before we had to leave for the evening. and he was a very nice kisser. I don't get to see him until Saturday night again, but hey it's nice to have a date where you want to see the guy a 2nd time right? Oh well I am very tired and have to get up early for me new job starting tomorrow =-) So until then . . .


Well I started my new job today and my boss was out sick so they did not even know I was coming. the good news is I get to have AIM and IRC running all day, the bad news is I dont have a computer till Next friday. But such is life. Not too eventful day today. updated the movie reviews on my web page, I've seen 11 of the top 12 movies in the nation, and only becuz I don't want to see Anna and the King have I not seen them all. but time to go. now =-) Peace all.


Wow what an uneventful day today was. I had my first full day at the new job, got my lap top, and surfed teh net alllllllllll day as my boss was in a one hour meeting which somehow managed to turn into a 6 hour meeting and he never came back to give me anything to do. So there I was surfing the net all day and chatting on AIM. oh well. time for bed. =-)