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I spent four years attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I was a Computer Science major, and thanks to the wonders of AP credits, I managed to graduate in four not-too-overloaded years. I decided that college was more than just taking classes, so I also worked (to provide spending money and to pay the bills) and socialized with friends, which I hadn't done a lot of in high school (for a variety of reasons).


My courseload, term-by-term, was:

Advanced Placement credits
CompSci 280 Computer Science I
Engl 126 English Literature AP Exam Credit
Latin 301 Latin Lyric Poetry
Math 115 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
Phys 125
Phys 128
Introduction to Physics I & II
Introduction to Physics Lab I & II
Fall 1986
Chem 124 Inorganic Chemistry I
Chem 125 Inorganic Chemistry Lab
Engl 125 Introduction to Composition
Math 116 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
Winter 1987
Bio 112 Introductory Biology A
Chem 126 Inorganic Chemistry II
Hist 110 Mediaeval, Renaissance, and Reformation Europe
Math 215 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III
RC 253 Choral Ensemble
Fall 1987
Bio 154 Introductory Biology B
Chem 225 Organic Chemistry I
Econ 201 Principles of Economics I
Math 216 Introduction to Differential Equations
RC 253 Choral Ensemble
Winter 1988
Chem 226 Organic Chemistry II
Chem 227 Organic Chemistry Lab
CompSci 380 Computer Science II
CompSci 384 Advanced Programming Languages: Introduction to C Programming
Econ 202 Principles of Economics II
Fall 1988
EECS 270 Logic Design
CompSci 480 Computer Science III: Data Structures
Hist 306 Ancient Israel
Math 312 Applied Modern Algebra
Winter 1989
CompSci 381 Assembly Language Programming
CompSci 476 Foundations of Computer Science
Hist 467 The United States Since 1933
Math 416 Theory of Algorithms
Spring 1989
TechComm 498 Introduction to Technical Writing
Fall 1989
EECS 493 User Interface Design
Cl Civ 472 Roman Law
CompSci 485 Principles of Programming Languages: Scheme,
Math 425 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Winter 1990
CompSci 481 Software Engineering
CompSci 489 Computer Networks
History 111 Modern Europe
RC 253 Choral Ensemble

Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to the classes I participated in many extracurricular activities, including:

Computer Conferencing — I organized and ran several electronic conferences on the University's MTS mainframe system, including the public and private gay conferences.
East Quad Congenial Bridge Club (EQCBC) — I was a founding member of the East Quadrangle residence hall's bridge club. Meeting each Wednesday evening, we'd form foursomes and play bridge, teaching each other how to play. At least one of the other regulars from EQCBC is now a regular player at bridge tournaments, so we must've done something right.
Information Technology Division (ITD) — I worked for the University's Information Technology Division as a Consultant and as a Systems Programmer for 14 months.
University Activities Committee (UAC) — I participated in UAC's College Bowl program, as a player my freshman year and as member of the staff my sophomore through junior years.
University of Michigan Gilbert & Sullivan Society (UMGASS) — I wasn't a member of UMGASS but I attended their end-of-term show almost every semester I was there. This led to my love of G & S.
Women's Weekend — Freshman year I provided the posters and artwork for the 1986 Women's Weekend seminar at East Quadrangle.

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