...about my employment

Cisco Systems                 
IT Project Manager
Master Certificate in Project Management

Program Management Professional (PMP)

Adv. Master Cert. in Project Management

I've been with Cisco since '99 where I was hired to be their Postmaster.  I'm
an old UNIX hack.  I still dabble in it time to time. 

After a hellish existence trying to be one of  the best technical people I realise
to get a head at Cisco meant selling our soul, working 80+ hours a week and
having no life. 

So I decided to try something new in '01 and switched over to being a technical
project manager.  I decided that working people besides engineers was much more
interesting so I decided to go full bored into the field. 

Why Cisco?  At the time I didn't have my Green Card and as such decided a
larger corporation was much safer and had the resources to push it though
the system.  In late '02 I got it.