...about me

James Anthony Michael Perry
1.75m or about 5'8"
72 kg or about 160 lbs
Canadian (French Canadian / Acadian)

Well that's the basics.

... lets start at the very beginning ... that's a very good place to start, eh!

My Mother was raised in the district of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, in what's know in English as the East Valley.  Sudbury is located in Northern Ontario, about 5-6 hours north of Toronto.  Her first language was French, which makes her Franco-Ontarian.  Sudbury is one of the few bilingual cities in Ontario, the East Valley is  still mostly French.  What to read something incredible, my mom has 19 aunts and uncles (all from the same mother).

My father was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, which makes him Acadian.  His father was in the military and they traveled.  Somehow, my father's family ended up in Sudbury and that's where he met my mother.  His first language was English.  Ever heard of Anne of Green Gables?  She lived on PEI.

My sister was first.  Three years later, I was hatched.  .

We were in the Sudbury until I was three.  We then moved to Regina, Saskatchewan.  Regina is located six hours north on Minot, North Dakota.  That's were I grew up ... until I turned 18.  After high school, my parents and I moved to Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario (right across from Sault. Ste. Marie, Michigan).  My sister said behind to finish off her University and is now married with children.  :-)  Darian is nine... Drake is eight and I love them both.  Regina has the BEST PIZZA I have ever had.  Get Triffon's, you will not be disappointed.

Sault Ste. Marie is three hours to west of Sudbury.  That's were I went to University for Computer Science and Music.  After I was done with that, I moved to Toronto, Ontario.  Toronto is great place.

In Toronto, I worked for SoftArc, Magic Online Services and Symantec Corporation.  I studied Oboe under Maggie Moser and played with the Scarborough Philharmonic and a few other community orchestras.  I now have family and friend living there that I miss my friends very much.

I was working for Symantec 6 months before I was transferred.  I have been here since officially since 15 August, 1996.  I have been singing with SFGMC starting late August, same year.  Welcome to Oz!

Here are the answers to the top five questions that people ask me after finding out that I am Canadian:

Yes, I do "eh".  Usually only if I don't hear part of a sentence when someone is talking to me.  I do say it more when I come back from a visit to my sister's and parent's.

Yes, I know French ... enough to survive.  I have not used my French is a long time and have lost most of it.  Regina was English only, and the French that was taught at school was in a word, bad.  My mother's French is Franco which is how I learned most my French.   

I don't say "out" or "about" any differently then most American's that I meet unless it's the first few days that I'm back from visiting. 

I'm a legal resident alien a.k.a. a Green Card.

I am not sure if I will get an American passport / become an American citizen.

... these are a few of my favourite things!