...about my hobbies

I current play on two teams, the Oakland Duex and the San Francisco Earthquakes.

I learned how to play hockey at the tender age of 4.  I do remember the first time my
dad took me to public skate wearing all my hockey gear.  Needless to say I don't
remember a time where I wasn't playing .

I wasn't as athleticly inclind growing up, and stop playing when I was 16 and switched
fulltime into music (yes I was one of those band and choir geeks).

I picked it up again in '98 and have been playing off again and on again depending
on my travel schedule for work.

I'm a born and bread Defence man.  I'm starting to play other positions but I do my
best work skating backwards. 

In '03 I obtained my teaching credential of Scuba Diving.  It got to be a little too much
and I decided to take a break from it of a little while. 

I'm a member of Rainbow Divers which is a great group of people to dive with. 

I've started to take some underwater pictures.  Lots of fun.

To see a complete list of the classes I can teach, click here.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy
A great  group of friends go to Gaylaxicon, the gay sci-fi/fantecy confernece held
every so often. 

What can I say,  I am geek!  :-)

I studied Classical Performance at university along with Computer Science.  I wanted to
be an orchestra musicain when I grew up.  My parents convienced me to do CS as
a back up.  Well I got my big break in computers before my big break in music while
in Toronto so I sort of dropped the music.

I mainly play the Oboe and English Horn.  They are my loves still to this day.  Oh,
the English Horn is not a brass instrament.  That's the French Horn and something
completely different.

I have also sang with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus for a number of years and
several of their smaller group.