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Hello all and welcome to my revised webpage, just a little corner of the internet to give u a better insight as to who I am. My interests include movies, working out at the gym, coaching volleyball, camping with my friends, or looking for a boy friend. I also love to play sports of all kinds, including baseball, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, golf, raquetball and basketball. My favorite team is The San Francisco Giants, For the record I am 6'1" 165 brn brn and 24 years old. My ideal guy would be cute, tall, slender/toned, smart, funny/fun to be with, adventurous, and easy to talk to. Age isn't factor to me but I do prefer younger guys.

I am a student with a double major in Film and English and minor in Philosophy. I hope to teach someday if I don't get involved in the film industry. I live in San Francisco now in the Sunset area. So far I love it here. Oddly, after looking for work in San Jose, two weeks after I moved to SF, I got a job in Sunnyvale. So now i can be found at both ends of the world. soon. Here is a picture of me from August 2nd, 1999.

Me from 8/2/99

Just a few things I wanted to address about myself. Again, as stated above, I enjoy the company of the 18-24 set for dating, though have lots of friends who are older. If you are a 40 yo bear top who wants to bend me over and I say no (And I will always say no) It's not my loss, so get over yourself. If my penis size is more important to you than my personality, we wont mix. And while I may wear name brands, I don't expect you to, nor do I expect you to expect me to be in style all of the time. If you are young, able to be yourself, fun, intelligent, in shape and generally fun to be with, we should get along great. Obviously, being in shape or not isnt going to determine who my friends are.