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Almost immediately after graduating from college in May of 1990, I packed up and moved to Dallas, TX, to work for CONVEX Computer Corporation as a System Specialist. This title meant that I was supposed to have a general knowledge of the supercomputers' software product line. I was there for just over three years, doing telephone and on-site support (some of my favorite calls are available on-line), writing documentation for internal and external customers, and writing and teaching courses. I was having a great time — until the layoffs, anyhow. (Once laid off, I was eligible to join the ex-convex mailing list. More information is on their web site.)

After being laid off (when the company released about 16% of its work force), I spent three months as a contractor—under contract to CONVEX, actually, in their new CXSOFT group—until the next job appeared.

CONVEX and CSXOFT introduced me to the joys of publication, both paper (books) and online (web). The books I wrote while at CONVEX include:

In addition to these books or other works, I wrote or co-wrote the following courses:

Some of the other documentation-related projects I completed at CXSOFT were:

CONVEX Computer Corporation was purchased by Hewlett-Packard Company in December of 1995 in a stock-for-stock transaction. It became the Convex Technological Division (Ctd) of Hewlett-Packard, and was eventually consolidated into HP's general operations. Ctd ceased to exist in October of 1997. In January 1998, several departments were relocated from Texas to California.

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