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I rejoined Collective Technologies in May 2004 to work as a system administrator on the Unix Operations team within the Remote Monitoring Center (RMC) for Morgan Stanley. Shortly after rejoining them, though, the business unit was sold to Accenture. Our team managed the over 14,000 systems and 70,000 users in their Unix environment in the US, Europe, and Asia.

I provided remote Unix and Linux support for the enterprise-computing development, QA, and production environments: managing AFS and NFS storage, user accounts, file system permissions, remotely provisioning and rebuilding servers and workstations, performing data restores, answering Unix and Windows hotlines, managing ticketing queues, and maintaining service level agreements with the customer. I was also responsible performing various changes to production systems as part of scheduled weekend work: data migration, upgrading firmware and hardware, system moves, cluster configuration changes and failover tests. I provided technical assistance to users and coworkers. I developed documentation standards, managed the documentation repository, and redesigned the information management process. As part of that, I wrote and edited several hundred technical and policy documents, and defined and documented technical writing standards. I also developed training plans for new hires.

In June 2005 we found out the Boston office would be closing, so I transferred to the Toronto team. This entailed a complete revamp of the documentation, interviewing candidates, and redeveloping training plans, as well as relocating to a corporate apartment in Toronto for 3 to 6 months.

Quickly tiring of the every-other-weekend commute to my own home (and my own stuff) and unable to do my job (training new employees, mainly because we had no employees to train), I looked for a new job, and found one.

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