Josh References Glossary G

A dialog control that presents application output in some form and provides a way for an application to receive administrator input.

gadget library
Object-oriented abstractions for manipulating dialogs.

See router.

General Protection Fault (GPF)
Effectively, a crash of a Windows NT system.

See group ID (GID).

See Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

glue record
A record in DNS to provide the IP addresses for a subdomain specified as self-responsible via a previous NS record.

See General Protection Fault (GPF).

Add a branch to a multipoint router network when a site on that branch subscribes to or asks to join a multicast call.

graphical user interface (GUI)
A screen-based (as opposed to a line-based) interface between the user and an application.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
A graphics format pioneered by CompuServe that has a maximum of 256 colors, interlacing, and transparency (one color can be defined as transparent, allowing the background color to be visible); one of the most common graphics formats on the World Wide Web (WWW). See also Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG).

group alias
A mail alias for a group of people; a mailing list. Consists of the group alias or mailing list, a request alias for submission and resignation requests, and an owner alias for problems.

group ID (GID)
A numeric value for the user account's group permissions.

See graphical user interface (GUI).

(Security.) Recommended actions to follow in implementing the current policy. Guidelines should always be considered in the context of the best business practices. Guidelines change with the bank computer environment. Adherence to guidelines is advisable but discretionary.