Erik E. Fair, Interview Boy!

[38K GIF of Erik Fair holding a book] This picture of me was taken in March 1994 by a professional photographer, for the June 1994 issue of Internet World magazine, for an interview they did with me. The interview even turned out pretty well - my words were hardly mangled at all. A friend of mine sent me E-mail as soon as his copy of the issue arrived in the mail (before I'd seen it), and, of the picture, said it was, "the most shit-eating grin" he'd ever seen. Of course, I had to immediately go out and buy a few copies of it for my clipping file!

This scan looks dark on a PC - something to do with the "gamma" of the typical SVGA screen. I think it looks pretty good on my Macintosh, though my friends say it doesn't really look like me.

Many people want to know what the animal is on the sweater I'm wearing; as far as I can tell, it's a deer, although it's a little hard to see the horns in this photo. If you want a closer look, click on the picture, where there's a link to a 24-bit JPEG (177K bytes) that's a bit more than twice as a large. The pin that I'm wearing on the sweater's collar is my Apple Computer five-year employee pin. It's a golden Apple logo, with five diamonds in it. I've worked at Apple since July 1988.

I was laid off by Apple on March 18, 1997. It wasn't about me - it was about the work I was doing; apparently, they have no need for people with actual Internet experience in order to "do" the Internet. Ah, well.

Erik E. Fair <>
May 10, 1997