I call this one "Laugh". I have no idea what the photographer has titled it. This photograph, and the one previous, are Copyright 1994 by James Stanley Daugherty, who graciously gave permission for them to be scanned in.

These shots were taken on a beach between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, CA, in April of 1994.

Seems this page made it onto Mirsky's Worst of the Web (20 June 1995). Which makes me wonder what's so 'worst' about it. Is it somehow not okay to be proud, to be joyous, to be expressive unless you're thin? Is it only okay to be fat if you work hard at being invisible?

More personally, does putting this picture up prove that I have brass balls (as some friends have said) or have I just been in California too long (as other friends have said)? Is it a political statement or an artistic statement? Is it a floor wax or a dessert topping?

No answers here, just questions. Oh, and a link to a page on sizism.

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